Our Story

Continuum Network was launched in June of 2018 with a vision to initiate gospel change by equipping believers to live our their unique callings.  
After many years in vocational Christian ministry, Weston Brown and Justin Reneau felt led to develop people as disciples of Jesus on a deeper and more strategic level than they had previously experienced. This led them to the paradigm of personal coaching as a way to not only identify one’s individual calling, but also to implement specific action steps. 
Since Continuum’s inception, our coaches have helped dozens of leaders around the world to listen to the voice of God and make plans for obedience. We have also been privileged to coach and consult with multiple organizations and ministry entrepreneurs who desire to be more gospel-centered in their work. 
As our team of coaches continues to grow, we’re excited about the opportunity to walk with more believers who are seeking to hear and respond to God’s call. Interested in learning more about our process? Schedule a quick 30-minute call today!